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* 4-person household to be used without our share in every spare bed for up to 50% of our normal price difference    accommodation prices per night is added.
* Accommodation, 0-5 years old children (with a minimum of two adults) free of charge, 6-12 years old children (with a   minimum of two adults) is a 50% discount.
* Brunch and Breakfast Accommodation Vulnerable 0-3, free age groups of children, 3 – 6 years old group, 50%    discount, 7 years and over are charged full fare.
* A family with two adults for a maximum of 2 children in the age group will benefit from discounts.

Unlike application in our facilities hotel equipped kitchens in every home and in line with the special request of guests staying alone with nature is the freedom to make their evening barbecue and lunch services are not. (Starter food and drinks excluded).Food, the special demands of groups identified in the notice will be met and a fixed mönüyle are charged extra.

Payment Terms and Skills : your reservation certainty to win, according to the specified final number of guests, up 50% of the total amount of the mail order form you can fill with your credit card. If you’d like us to take the account numbers of our knowledge, EFT can do.

Reservation, will be finalized after being checked by us.

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